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Published: 1002 GMT May 05, 2015

Plans to revitalize social role of youths

Plans to revitalize social role of youths

Iran has devised numerous plans to revitalize the role of youth in social activities.

Concurrent with the Youth Week (May 28-June 3), the northern Iranian city of Noshahr in Mazandaran province will host the Second Summit of Young Leaders of Caspian Littoral States.

Davoud Nouri, secretary of the headquarters tasked with commemorating Youth Week, told Iran Daily that numerous plans have been placed on the annual event’s agenda.

Nouri, who is also caretaker of Sports and Youth Ministry's National Projects Department, said the regional summit is one of these plans.

The official said the first summit held in Russia was aimed at facilitating exchange of views among leaders of Caspian Sea littoral states to protect the ecology of the world's largest lake and promote entrepreneurial projects.

Nouri noted that a large number of NGOs have voiced their readiness to participate in the summit.

He pointed to Iran's aging population and said comprehensive plans must be drawn up for the young.

Nouri said the country's youth population in 2013 was 19.2 million. It accounted for 25 percent of the country's total population.

Iran's population is estimated to reach 80 million by March 2017.

“The Sports and Youth Ministry assists other organizations to meet the demands of youths,” he said.

The secretary of the headquarters said the ministry is conferring with the Justice Department to help release young people detained for unintentional offenses.

Nouri said a large number of national projects are underway to regulate the spare time of youths and prevent social misdemeanors.

The official pointed to the establishment of anger control center in Tehran, which aims to cushion the blow of social problems, announcing that such centers will be set up in other provinces as well.

He said since the majority of countries with young population have special parliaments for these strata, the ministry is in talks with the government and legislature to lay the ground for setting up a youth parliament.

Nouri said one of the Iranian cities will be selected as "the Youth Capital of Muslim World" in the following months.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) officially declared Istanbul as the 2015 Youth Capital of Muslim world. The city hosts a large number of guests from Muslim nations. Participants attend conferences on the shared culture and heritage of the Muslim world.

Nouri said the Supreme Council of Youths, presided by Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, has been tasked with implementing the council's ratifications in state bodies.

He noted that the government has adopted 13 plans for implementation by state organizations, most of which revolve around youth participation in society, regulation of their leisure time and efforts to remove obstacles to marriage.

The official said NGOs play a key role in overcoming problems related to youths.

"The government spares no efforts to support these NGOs. The Sports and Youth Ministry is in charge of funding these NGOs, provided they are approved by the Interior Ministry," he said.

Nouri said the ministry has prioritized plans to promote the role of NGOs and fund them to serve the young.

He, however, said the NGOs are not funded unless they acquire adequate standards of training and knowledge.

Nouri criticized the former administration for its poor performance vis-à-vis youths, hoping that the incumbent government will meet the demands of youths.


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