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Published: 1024 GMT June 23, 2015

Iranian youths bring joy to poor children

Iranian youths bring joy to poor children

They have one single goal: Teaching poor children. Not the alphabets, but rather how to live a happy life despite living in poverty.

Having organized a large charity group for youths aged between 18 and 35, the volunteer members decided to propagate happiness among children following the 2003 devastating earthquake in Bam, Kerman province for they thought happiness was among the basic needs of injured children.

The members of the group decided to bring joy among children of poverty-stricken families by teaching them how to grow up as responsible persons and how to enjoy their lives despite all hardships and deprivations.

The 'Happy Children' charity foundation has also established a number of schools in less developed regions of Tehran.

The mission of the group is "providing children with a healthy environment".

The Persian daily 'Iran' conducted an interview with the head of the group's Public Relations Office, Marjan Azarani. Excerpts follow:


IRAN: How did the idea of founding such a group cross your mind?

AZARANI: A few years after the 2003 Bam devastating earthquake, which killed thousands of people overnight, we [a group of friends] asked ourselves what we could do for the children who had been hurt.

We realized that hope, respect and optimism about the future were the basic needs of such children.

Therefore, we founded a volunteer group named 'Happy Children' in a bid to establish educational and recreational camps for children.

For the first two years, the camps were exclusively for children of Bam. Two care centers were also designated for children in Tehran.

We brought children to Tehran from Bam and created a happy environment for them.

Also, children who had failed schools because of the earthquake, received educational courses to keep up with their peers.

The children are still supported by the volunteers throughout the year who also shoulder their school tuition fees or other expenses.


Please tell us more about the annual camps and the educational classes.

Following our achievements in the first two years of the activity, we decided to expand our programs to cover children in less-developed districts of Tehran and its suburban regions, including Rey City, Shahriar and Pakdasht in Varamin.

An annual three-day recreational camp is held every year in early summer and children in which from poor families take part, which provides them with the opportunity to enhance their communicative skills and improve their potentials.

In addition to annual camps, a number of classes are active in the above-mentioned districts to teach children life skills through playing games and engaging in other social activities.


Are their parents happy with these programs?

Mothers are involved in our programs to protect children and prevent likely emotional and physical injuries. These harms are inevitable while working with a large number of children.


How many people are working with the group, and how can interested individuals join it?

About 100 volunteers are working with us. They are all experienced individuals who transfer their knowlge to little children in the educational classes.

Those who are interested in our charitable activities can contact the institute of 'Happy Children' and expound their views on their fields of interest. For example, professional teachers are working with us to teach children.

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