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Published: 0935 GMT September 19, 2017

Germany’s federal elections influenced by powerful parties

Germany’s federal elections influenced by powerful parties

By Hossein Ziaei

Many experts believe that Germany’s political and economic might stems from having genuine and powerful parties.

In other words, Germany’s power is rooted in establishing democratic parties instead of relying on its strong economic foundations.

Leading up to the German federal elections scheduled for September 24, six main parties are making all-out efforts to influence the electorates to win more seats.

Presently, the labor market, immigration and taxes are three main issues discussed by the Social Democratic Party  (SPD), the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the Green Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and  the right wing, Alternative for Germany, as well as the Left Party.

Nowadays, the two big parties – the Social Democratic Party and the Christian Democratic Union – which have formed a coalition, have arrived at a consensus on plans to reduce the unemployment rate to below three percent. They, however, have differences on how to implement these plans.

Such differences pertain to issues such as setting wages and working hours as well as generating new jobs.

However, other parties such as the Left and the Green Party have stressed that minimum wages must increase and work conditions must improve.

The major parties, excluding Alternative for Germany, have convergent views on taking in refugees. Nonetheless, there are huge gaps between them over how to classify and integrate such refugees into the Germany society.

With regard to the taxing system, the Social Democratic Party and the Christian Democratic Union offered modest tax cuts and extra money for young families.

However, other parties want to impose higher taxes on the rich.

Presently, all eyes are on the electoral atmosphere in Germany, which is not tainted by scandals and controversies that are common in today’s world politics. Such an atmosphere manifests a disciplined and professional competition among efficient parties which act responsibly and seek to preserve Germany’s national interests.

Hossein Ziaei is an Iranian journalist.

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