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Published: 1231 GMT December 17, 2019

Johnson victory vis-à-vis international developments

Johnson victory vis-à-vis international developments

By Hossein Ziaee*

When at the beginning of his term, Prime Minister Boris Johnson called himself “Britain’s second Winston Churchill,” he gave a clear message to the world and his fellow countrymen: To maintain Britain’s special interests and domination in today’s volatile and hazardous world, everybody should consider “the full implementation of Brexit” as a national duty and that’s it.  

Apart from Britain’s domestic developments, Johnson’s authoritative presence in London’s Number 10 Downing Street has had four impacts on the world:

1. The stronger than ever assertion of “nationalism’s dominance over collective interests” across Europe was accompanied by a growth in far-right tendencies in the continent.

It is evident that Johnson will, at present, bargain with the European Union for Britain’s exit from the union on January 31, 2020 from a stronger position.

In fact, the EU’s position will weaken significantly internally and internationally in the aftermath of Britain’s powerful exit from it and the increase in right-wing tendencies across Europe.

Due to the current political conditions in Germany and France, the growing dominance of the AfD (Alternative for Germany) far-right political party and the continuation of the yellow vests movement in the latter, the two countries are also on the waiting list following the UK to witness unprecedented developments and changes.

The whitism axis in Europe has become more united and integrated. In other words, the Europe which believed in “multilateralism” would probably give place to a “rightist Europe.”

2. The victory of Johnson's Conservative Party in the general election was a special message to “American Trumpism” regarding the necessity of giving greater importance to national interests over collective ones.

On the other hand, by finding a powerful European partner, Trump would adopt a stronger stance on international issues and be more confident about his victory in the 2020 presidential election.

In addition, Johnson's win was a big step for Trump toward his long pursued goal and dream: “The dissolution of the EU and the reestablishment of US domination over the continent.”

3. Under a circumstance where European countries move toward nationalism, Asia would seek to form at a faster pace more political, military and economic coalitions. Each country is required to define itself under the aegis of a global axis and, in accordance with collective interests, stand against the US and its trade and military hegemony.

4. Given the escalation of trade wars due to unilateralism of the rightists in the US and Europe, fierce and hostile economic policies could lead to international military encounters.

* Hossein Ziaee is an Iranian freelance journalist.


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