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Published: 1244 GMT January 13, 2020

Iran deems US expulsion from region as real revenge for its crime: VP

Iran deems US expulsion from region as real revenge for its crime: VP

Iran's First Vice President Es’haq Jahangiri says the real revenge for the US criminal act in assassinating top Iranian general, Lt. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, is the expulsion of all American forces from the West Asia region.

Jahangiri made the remarks in a Monday meeting with the visiting Syrian Prime Minister Imad Khamis in Tehran, adding, “Unwarranted interference of Western countries, the US in particular, is the cause of insecurity and instability in the region.”

 “The United States has committed grave crimes across the region, especially in Iraq and Syria, through formation of such terrorist groups as Daesh,” he added.

A US drone carried out an airstrike at Baghdad’s international airport early on January 3, assassinating Soleimani, the commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, the second-in-command of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), as well as eight other people.

Jahangiri hailed the huge turnout of the Iranian nation in Soleimani's funeral processions as an "unprecedented event in history" and said Iranians now hate the US moves more than ever before.

He emphasized that the Islamic Republic will continue to stand by the Syrian government and nation and go on with its support for the Arab state, saying, "Iran supports Syria's territorial integrity and sovereignty in order to establish stability and tranquility" in that country.

The Iranian first vice president expressed Tehran's interest in developing economic relations with Syria and stressed the importance of implementing agreements signed between the two countries during his visit to Damascus.

He said Iran's private sector is eager to play an active role in the reconstruction of Syria, expressing hope that positive steps would be taken this year in this regard.

During Jahangiri's trip to Damascus in January 2019, Iran and Syria signed 11 agreements, including a “long-term strategic economic cooperation” deal, in a sign of changing winds in the Middle East which is shaping up to new realities.

The Syrian prime minister said at that time that his country and Iran signed a "unique" and “historic” agreement which includes industry, trade and agriculture, calling it “a message to the world on the reality of Syrian-Iranian cooperation.”


‘US plotting war in region’

The Syrian prime minister, for his part, said the assassination of top Iranian general showed that the US is hatching plots to impose war on regional countries, adding that the bitter event was the outcome of US acts of aggression in the region.

 “Syria emphasizes the Islamic Republic’s right to defend itself against enemies’ acts of aggression and we declare our solidarity with our brethren in the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Khamis added.

He noted that regional nations would always remember Soleimani's great efforts in his fight against terrorism.

Khamis said the US is incessantly planning to attack regional countries, noting, "We must maintain an adequate degree of readiness and boost our coordination and collaboration, because expansion of bilateral cooperation can play a deterrent role against the US plots."

Syria is trying to resist the enemies' plots through defensive, economic, military and diplomatic plans, the premier said, adding that his country will achieve final victory only through support of Iran and friendly countries in the region.

Khamis also said the assassinated Iranian general was posthumously awarded Syria’s highest medal of honor by the Arab country’s President Bashar al-Assad, which shows his high respect for Soleimani.


Shamkhani: US behind regional insecurity

Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council also met Khamis. He said insecurity will not end as long as the “terrorist forces” of the US are present in the region.

The senior official deplored the US targeted killing of Gen. Soleimani and said “(US President Donald) Trump and his stupid advisers thought that by assassinating the brave commander of the Resistance Front, they would cause the collapse of the front in the region.”

However, the move backfired and the blood of the martyr and his companions strengthened the Resistance Front and led to further hatred of the regional nations toward the US, he added.

“As long as the US’ terrorist forces are present in the West Asian region, this region will not achieve lasting stability, peace and security,” Shamkhani stated.

“The expulsion of evil US forces will undoubtedly take place through the unity of regional nations and governments,” he went on to say.

The Syrian prime minister, for his part, offered his condolences on the martyrdom of Gen. Soleimani and said the noble objective of the martyr was to defend the oppressed against the US and the Zionist regime of Israel.

Press TV and Tasnim contributed to this story.



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