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Published: 0304 GMT May 04, 2020

Italian director: Hollywood, Zionists spread fake news to ruin Iran’s reputation

Italian director: Hollywood, Zionists spread fake news to ruin Iran’s reputation

By Farzam Vanaki

An Iran-based Italian film director and journalist is convinced that since Hollywood and the industries owned by Zionists create any scenario to achieve their purpose, it is not surprising that they spread fake news about Iran and the coronavirus spread in the country to ruin its reputation.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Iran Daily, Diego Vida – who is also a film producer best known for collaborating in the production of features such as ‘Fast and Furious’ and ‘Mission Impossible’ – added basically, the world is owned by the Anglo-Zionists.

He described the US as the “police of the world” and a “mercenary state” which is dependent on its bosses, the UK and France.

These “lords of wars”, Vida said, rule their countries through promoting imperial terrorism against the entire human civilization.

It scares the Anglo-American states that China is getting more powerful, becoming a country with no economic crisis that is expanding its business across the globe, the Italian film director added.

They fear they are losing their geopolitical clout, he noted, saying Iran is becoming a bothersome opponent for them as it has strong partnerships with the Chinese and Russian governments and is a huge producer of oil, gas, uranium, gold, silver, metals, water and foodstuffs.

Vida also warned that since the Anglo-American states seek to steal Iran’s resources, their corrupt media are broadcasting propaganda against the West Asian country.

Commenting on speculations on the origin of coronavirus or whether it has been created by the US, he said, “How can a wise man trust you (US) when there is such an allegation? You could be giving medicines that help spread the virus or cause it to remain. Experience shows that you cannot be trusted and you do such things. Firstly, based on remarks by your own officials, you currently face shortages in the US. Thus, use what you have for your own patients.”

Anglo-Americans are untrustworthy because they are liars, Vida continued.

Brining to the attention of the people across the globe that in January the Zionists launched a low-level coward attack against the top Iranian anti-terrorism commander, Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, and assassinated him, he stressed that it must be remembered that the coronavirus spread has become the world’s main news to divert the international public opinion from US several attacks against Iran, even in the Iraqi territory.

“They are desperately doing everything they can to destabilize Iran.”

Turning to the economic impacts of the coronavirus outbreak, he said if the pandemic lingers, it will surely damage each country’s economy, causing a strong recession.

He stressed that the Iranian economy is truly important in this period, urging the country’s citizens and workers to go ahead with their normal lives.

Vida said being a sovereign state, Iran is able to cure its citizens using its medical capabilities and capacities.

He said that he has lived in the US and the UK and can say the levels of their health care systems are really low.

Sharing his personal experience about life in Iran, the Italian journalist said the country is a modern state for modern investors.

He added many foreign companies are operating in Iran, saying their number could increase in coming years.

The country is home to a number of free zones, like Kish Island, which offer tax exemptions.

“I’m a European-Italian-Sicilian citizen and have noticed that the culture of Sicily is similar to that of Iran. We are religious, care about family, dislike divorce and respect our women and close family [members].”

He said Iranian people are nice and polite and the places in the country are clean, adding Iran is full of job and business opportunities.

“There are many Christian churches in Iran. As I am a Christian, I go to church every week. This proves that Islam is a religion of peace.”

The Iranian capital of Tehran is a safe and vibrant place and its streets are clean, he said.

Vida added Iranian martyrs’ pictures are painted on walls in cities across the country out of respect for them.

“Iranians are among the most wonderful and hospitable people in the world. I wish the international media could be honest in reflecting the reality about Iran, but unfortunately they aren't,” he said.



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