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Published: 0152 GMT May 10, 2020

Leader: West doesn’t want its virus failures to be seen

Leader: West doesn’t want its virus failures to be seen

Ayatollah Khamenei hails gov’t efforts to fight coronavirus

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said Sunday the United States and the Europeans do not want their failures in fighting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak to be seen.

He made the remarks in a video call to a meeting of the National Headquarters for Managing and Fighting the Coronavirus in Tehran.

“The West and those supporting the West do not want this failure to be seen, but it is necessary to examine and articulate the dimensions of this inability,” the Leader said.

He said one of the areas where the West has failed to tackle the outbreak is its inability to manage the crisis.

“The coronavirus spread in the United States and Europe later than other countries. It means that these countries had the opportunity to prepare themselves in the face of the virus, but they couldn’t as it was required,” Ayatollah Khamenei stated.

“However, they failed to as they should, and this failure is proven by the high number of deaths and infections in the US and some European countries as well as the different problems people in those countries are facing such as unemployment,” he noted.

“The high number of infections and deaths in the United States and some European countries and various problems the people have in these countries, including unemployment, prove their inabilities," he added.

The Leader also pointed out that the West’s social philosophy proved to be a total failure in tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

“The spirit and content of social philosophy in the West is based on material things and money, and that is why they disregarded the elderly, sick people, the needy and the disabled in the coronavirus issue,” said the Leader.

Ayatollah Khamenei noted that social philosophy in the Western world is primarily driven by materialism and money.

“That is why they ignored the elderly, the sick, the underprivileged and the socially underdeveloped during the corona crisis. Because [people belonging to] these social groups are incapable of earning money and contributing to materialism. The result was that many lost their lives in elderly care homes – a further proof of the defeat of the West’s social philosophy.”

Still another area where the West failed in the coronavirus crisis was the domain of “public morality.”

Ayatollah Khamenei touched upon people storming shops as well as some other challenges, saying, “Despite all their claims, the Westerners have failed in this domain, too, and these realities should be explained to the public,” he said.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Ayatollah Khamenei thanked efforts by the government and people to tackle the virus outbreak in Iran.

“I thank officials and those involved in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak for their round-the-clock efforts,” he noted.

He also offered prayers to the souls of those who lost their lives to the disease and wished a rapid recovery for those infected.

Ayatollah Khamenei also lauded efforts to produce the medical equipment required to fight the disease.

The Leader expressed hope that research centers and knowledge-based companies would soon develop a vaccine and medicine for the virus.

He also praised the National Headquarters for Managing and Fighting the Coronavirus and the Health Ministry for their good planning to counter the pandemic.

Press TV and IFP contributed to this story. 



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