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Published: 0239 GMT May 27, 2020

Iran invests €310m to open combined-cycle power plant

Iran invests €310m to open combined-cycle power plant

Iran is to add another 324 megawatts of electricity generation capacity with opening a combined-cycle power plant that has cost nearly €310 million to build.

A contractor working for Iran’s Mostazafan Foundation said that the power plant will open on Thursday in the city of Khorramabad, the capital of the western Iranian province of Lorestan, Press TV reported.

Mohsen Amiri, who heads the Saba Power Holding Company, said that two units of the power plant set to open on Thursday will both run on natural gas and will each generate 162 and 160 MW of electricity.

Amiri said a steam unit of the power plant is expected to come on line by March 2021.

He said setting up the power plant will create 150 permanent jobs in Lorestan.

The contractor said the combined-cycle power plant has been classified as one of the least polluting plants in Iran because of observing high standards on environmental protection.

Iran, a major electricity-producing nation, has kept expanding its thermal power sector while introducing measures to diversify power generation sources.

Renewable sources account for a tiny portion of Iran’s current electricity generation capacity, which is more than 85,000 megawatts.

The country, however, has invested massively to turn its traditional gas-fired power plants to the so-called combined-cycle systems where the steam is raised through using the exhaust heat from the combustion turbines.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said last month that his government would compensate any private-sector investor launching a combined-cycle power plant by supplying free natural gas in the early years of operation.


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