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Published: 0238 GMT June 01, 2020

Iran to Americans: World has heard your voice against oppression

Iran to Americans: World has heard your voice against oppression

Iran’s Foreign Ministry said the entire world has heard the oppressed American people’s outcry against discrimination and violence and will stand with them.

“The world has heard your outcry over state oppression. The world is standing with you,” ministry spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi told a press conference in Tehran on Monday, addressing the American people, according to Press TV.

“The American regime is pursuing violence and bullying at home and abroad. We are greatly regretful to see, along with people across the world, the violence that the US police have recently unfolded,” he remarked in an English-language statement that opened the press conference.

“We deeply regret to see the American people, who peacefully seek respect and no more violence, being suppressed indiscriminately and met with utmost violence,” the official added.

“Stop violence against your people and let them breathe,” the Iranian spokesman added, addressing the US government.

The remarks came as angry protests are spreading across the United States following the recent choking to death of unarmed African-American George Floyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis.

Police have responded with teargas canisters and rubber bullets to the protests that have so far engulfed at least 30 US cities. Minnesota, where the murder took place, has even activated the National Guard against the protesters in a rare move.

Mousavi said the protests were the result of years-long suppression of Americans and their voices, adding, “It is natural that the American people have had enough and risen in protest.”

He, however, urged the American officials and police against further deployment of violence against the country’s people and asked them to stop restricting their freedoms.



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