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Published: 0955 GMT June 22, 2020

Couple marries at retirement home so quarantined grandma can watch

Couple marries at retirement home so quarantined grandma can watch

Amber Cross and Daniel Jackson got married at Cypress Court retirement community so Amber’s grandmother, 91-year-old Loretta Tobin, could watch.

Amber Cross and Daniel Jackson had a mountain of plans for this spring, including their long-anticipated wedding before 75 family members and friends, a travel-filled honeymoon and a leisurely road trip in July to their new home in Pensacola, Florida, the US.

Then the pandemic arrived. Cross, 26, of San Diego, had to cancel the wedding and honeymoon. Jackson, 31, of Carlsbad, California, had his leave from the Marine Corps cut from three months to one. And instead of having two weeks to drive to Jackson’s new duty assignment in Florida, they were given just six days for the cross-country drive, according to

The couple, who has been together for two years, was resigned to the sacrifices they needed to make. But two things were non-negotiable. Cross wanted to get married in California before their departure on July 1 and she wanted her grandmother, 91-year-old Loretta Tobin, to be at the ceremony.

But Tobin has been quarantined since mid-March with the other residents at Cypress Court retirement community in Escondido, and she couldn’t risk the danger of leaving the center at her age. So, with special permission from the management, Cross and Jackson brought the ceremony to Tobin.

At 10 a.m. they exchanged vows in the chapel at Cypress Court. Cross’ uncle, Jim, an ordained minister, officiated at the brief ceremony, and Tobin served as their witness. The staff at the center surprised the couple with a wedding cake.

Tobin said she was overwhelmed with emotion when she learned of Cross’ plan to have the ceremony there on her behalf.

“She’s a very special girl,” Tobin said. “I wish them a very long and happy life.”

Cross said her grandmother has always encouraged her in her education and career and frequently mentioned her hope of seeing Cross get married someday.

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