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Published: 0224 GMT June 29, 2020

Iranians to pay tribute to poet SaebTabrizi

Iranians to pay tribute to poet SaebTabrizi

Iranians across the country will commemorate the great Iranian poet Mohammad Ali ibn Mirza Abdul Rahim Tabrizi, known as Saeb Tabrizi, on June 30.

Saeb Tabrizi was a prolific poet who introduced the South Asian style of poetry in Persia. He was given the title, “The King of Poets,” by Shah Abbas of the Safavid Dynasty.

According to Tasnim News Agency, he was born at the beginning of the 17th century CE and died in 1673. He is known as the most popular Indian style poem versifier, although his verses are also known as Isfahani style due to his remarkable role in poetry.

Saeb was a poet from Tabriz in northwestern Iran; he traveled to the city of Isfahan and passed away there.

Saeb is one of the most illustrious poets for his odes as well. The Persian poem was revived and ornamented with mystic concepts by Saeb.

A verse from his poetry is as follows:    

The pure ones suffer more from the sky’s revolution

The wheat is wounded in the mill as it gets pure



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