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Published: 1019 GMT June 30, 2020

Morrisons security guard keeps good boy dry while he waits for his owner

Morrisons security guard keeps good boy dry while he waits for his owner
Security guard Ethan Dearman made a lot of people happy this week.

A Morrisons security guard has been hailed as a ‘hero’ after holding up an umbrella over a golden retriever in the rain.

Ethan Dearman won every animal lover’s heart when he made sure the dog was kept dry while its owner was inside a store in Giffnock, Scotland, reported.

A picture of the heartwarming moment showed the worker dressed in full uniform as he carefully shields the animal.

It was captured by a woman called Mel, who posted the image to Twitter and said: “Shout out to this @Morrisons security man keeping this good boy dry.”

He said “well you never know how dogs feel about the rain”.

Her post quickly went viral, with more than 15,000 retweets, 115,000 likes and hundreds of comments from Twitter users who named Ethan a ‘legend’.

One person said “I wish every human right now was like this security guard”, while dozens of others demanded Ethan get a pay rise with immediate effect.

Someone on Twitter put: “This guy has single handily created more brand value through one innocent act of kindness for another living being than any amount of money ever would have.

“Actually pretty amazing when you start to think about it, a very deep lesson to be learned.”

News quickly got back to the security guard that he was Twitter’s new favorite person.

Retweeting the picture, Ethan wrote: “Looks like I made a lot of people happy today.”

A Morrisons spokeswoman said: “It’s going to be a wet week so we’ve issued nine thousand Morrisons umbrellas to keep our customers — and their dogs — dry. It’s good to see that it is already happening in our Giffnock store.”

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