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Published: 0231 GMT July 12, 2020

President: Gov’t supports companies at the forefront of countering sanctions

President: Gov’t supports companies at the forefront of countering sanctions

President Hassan Rouhani highlighted the private sector’s key role in the country’s economy during the sanctions era, stressing that the government’s policy is to support the companies that are at the forefront of countering the US illegal sanctions.

The administrations policy is strengthening and supporting the companies that are at the forefront of the battle with the sanctions and are trying to supply the necessary commodities required by the society and the raw materials needed for production,” President told a session of the administrations Economic Coordination Headquarters on Sunday.

He said the government supports the exporters loyal to the country's trade policies, according to the presidents official website.

The president said considering the reports by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and the Central Bank of Iran about constructive cooperation from the businesspeople, companies and merchants abiding by the law will be given special incentives.

In the meanwhile, he added, a small group of exporters that do not repatriate the foreign currency from the exports to the countrys economy will be prosecuted and their activities will be restricted.

On Friday, President Rouhani called on all producers and exporters to redouble their efforts to increase production and exports, describing the country's exporters as the soldiers on the frontline of the fight against US economic terrorism.

The president urged all ministers, governor generals, and private sector actors to help increase production more than ever.

As production increases, employment rises, and also when production and supply of materials increase, prices become balanced naturally, and more importantly, we can expand exports by increasing production."

He underlined that the countrys enemies, especially the United States, have hatched new plots to harm Irans economy by disrupting the countrys foreign currency market and are trying to make it difficult for the country to provide the currency it needs.







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