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Published: 0723 GMT July 12, 2020

Senior economist: Iran-China 25-year roadmap ‘big threat’ to Zionists' interests

Senior economist: Iran-China 25-year roadmap ‘big threat’ to Zionists' interests

The head of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes that the 25-year roadmap between Tehran and Beijing for strategic partnership poses a big threat to the regional interests of the Tel Aviv regime.


According to Majid-Reza Hariri, the propaganda against Iran-China 25-year roadmap is “run by the Tel Aviv regime,” Mehr News Agency (MNA) reported on July 12.

Since the Zionist regime has attracted the biggest part of the Chinese investments in the region, “if China commences its cooperation with Iran, China-Zionist regime cooperation will lose its significance,” the official told MNA exclusively.

“Chinese companies are running major foodstuffs, ports, and petrochemical projects in the occupied lands,” he said, adding “Iran is a bigger country with bigger potentials.”

Iran's cabinet of ministers approved the final draft of the 25-year comprehensive cooperation plan between Iran and China in a meeting on June 21.

On July 5, came the announcement of the Iranian FM Zarif about Iran-China negotiations over a 25-year so-called 'accord', which as he put into words is "clear and the two countries have nothing to hide about it.

During the past week, however, some claims and reports were made by certain foreign-based media lashing out at Iran for what they claimed to be paving the grounds for China to colonize Iran.

“The recent chorus of criticism about the 25-year roadmap was not an international one but was aroused by some Western anti-Iranian media or telegram channels, which are run by anti-revolutionary Iranians living abroad with political motivations,” Hariri said.

“Their claims about this roadmap are truly baseless, relying on the US' stances toward China,” he added.

Hariri referred to both Iran and China as two “special countries” that their cooperation could be “stimulative with its pros and cons; the US is a definite opponent.”

Commenting on the time of implementation of the roadmap, the official predicted, “It will take two or three years for the roadmap to be finalized and implemented.”


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