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Published: 0600 GMT August 11, 2020

Second skeleton of a Parthian lady unearthed in Ashraf Hill, central Iran

Second skeleton of a Parthian lady unearthed in Ashraf Hill, central Iran

The second skeleton of a young girl from Parthian Era has been unearthed from Ashraf Hill in the central Iranian province of Isfahan, said the head of the excavation team, Ali Reza Ja’fari-Zand.

He told IRNA that a platform in which the skeleton had been found indicated that the lady’s body had been buried with her horse in light of the discovery of the remains of an urn and the spinal cord of a horse.

The first skeleton of a lady from the Parthian Era was unearthed from the northern part of Ashraf Hill on July 25.

Over the last two months, the excavation team reached significant achievements during piping line operations.

Ja’fari-Zand said archeologists found the interment of a young girl 10 meters away from that of the lady.

Based on the evidence, the corpse belongs to a 12-13-year-old girl, with about 160cm in height.

“Many documents and signs have led archeologists to arrive at the conclusion that they are near a graveyard here dating back to the Parthian Empire,” Ja’fari-Zand said earlier, after unearthing the first skeleton.

The official said the way the body had been interred indicates that her burial had taken place following the principles of Mithraism, which is focused on the god, Mithra.

When a dead body was buried during the Parthian Era, its face was placed facing the sun, so it can be easily concluded that the body belongs to the Parthian Empire, as she was buried in that way, and pottery dating back to that era was found near the skeleton, the official underlined.

Such historical findings, the official said, open a window to a better understanding of the Parthian Era.

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