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Published: 0602 GMT September 06, 2020

US ‘uninvited intruder’ in region, Syria: Iran

US ‘uninvited intruder’ in region, Syria: Iran

The spokesperson of Iran’s Mission to the United Nations said Iran is in Syria to merely help the Syrian people and government to fight terrorism and restore stability and security, while US is an uninvited intruder both in the region and in Syria.

"The only effective mechanism for Syria in the past nine years has been the Astana process, which includes the cooperation between Iran, Syria, Russia, and Turkey," Alireza Miryousefi said reacting to the recent remarks made by US officials in an interview with Newsweek regarding Iran’s presence in Syria, Mehr News Agency (MNA) reported on Sunday.

Referring to US interference in Syria, the Iranian diplomat added, "The US is an uninvited intruder in the region and in Syria that has done nothing but increasing insecurity and imposing more suffering on the Syrian people by supporting Islamist militant groups and imposing sanctions.”

"The US and its allies have openly supported extremist groups in Syria, from al-Nusra to Ahrar al-Sham and other terrorist groups for years, and most recently, imposed new sanctions, called 'Caesar', on the war-weary Syrian people," Miryousefi said.

"These acts undermine the US crocodile tears for the Syrian people," he added.

Noting that Iran and Syria have been “strategic partners for more than four decades,” Miryousefi added, Tehran-Damascus “alliance has been the main obstacle to foreign aggression in the region.”

“Iran proudly continues its help for the Syrian government in order to maintain its territorial integrity and protect its people from terrorist groups," Miryousefi maintained.

Moscow and Damascus issued a statement last Thursday stressing that the US military presence in Syria escalates tensions in the Arab country.

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