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Published: 1054 GMT September 14, 2020

Man stands for six hours on plane so wife can sleep through their flight

Man stands for six hours on plane so wife can sleep through their flight
A woman who shared the same flight as a man who gave up his seat for his wife so she could lie down took to Twitter to share the sweet act, but he was criticized.

A man who stood for the entire length of his flight whilst his wife took up an entire row of seats so she could rest has been criticized on social media.

The selfless act was captured and later shared on Twitter by a fellow passenger who praised how caring he was, reported.

She captioned it: "This guy stood up the whole six hours so his wife could sleep. Now THAT is love."

But not everyone agreed that he'd done the right thing.

Although one woman thought it was the "ultimate love", she said his wife could have just laid her head on his lap instead.

Another said: "If that is love then I rather be lonely."

A third said: "That's not love, his wife is selfish and he is weak."

And a couple others compared the scenario to the famous scene from Titanic, writing: "Sounds like that Rose and Jack situation from titanic. So silly" as another wrote: "Selfish" alongside a GIF of the same segment.

Someone else suggested the picture had been taken out of context, saying: "Lie. They don’t let you stand in the aisle for five minutes, let alone six hours. Come on man."

And one person believed that there was more to the story.

"Na don't be like that… all you’re seeing is a picture that can have a million possible stories... That could have made this right. Nothing is ever right or wrong but thinking made it so the words of Shakespeare."

A photo of their plane set up was first circulated last year, is being reshared now as people take to the skies after the lockdown travel ban.

A smarter solution for the couple would be to splurge on a Sky couch the next time they fly.

A smart mom revealed how she managed to provide her kids with a bed to sleep on for a relatively low price of £104 — which is still cheaper than a business flight.

On a recent Air New Zealand trip from Melbourne to Los Angeles, blogger Adele Barbaro paid for a row of seats that came with an additional footrest that opens out into a bed.

She explained: "The leg rests all rise to meet the chair in front and create a completely flat, large play or sleep area."

Now that's a much better idea.

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