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Published: 0546 GMT October 08, 2020

EU seeking to increase trade with Iran: Borrell

EU seeking to increase trade with Iran: Borrell

High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy and Security Affairs said that EU is trying to improve trade with Iran, and the EU continues fighting to keep the nuclear agreement alive and working.

“All in all, we are trying to do our best to increase our trade with Iran,” Josep Borrell said addressing the European Parliament plenary debate on the situation in Iran on Wednesday, IRNA reported.

“Together with European Union Member States we also keep looking at ways to encourage more legitimate trade between the EU and Iran, including through INSTEX [the Instrument in Support of Trade Exchanges],” Borrell noted.

However, he added that would not be an easy task due to US pressures.

“It is very difficult because the American sanctions are very powerful, but, the Iran deal is not just a nuclear deal - it is a nuclear deal on one side and an economic deal, on the other. And one thing goes with the other,” he added.

“We cannot pretend [to ask] Iran to fulfill all the nuclear obligations if at the same time they do not get any kind of reward from the economic side,” EU chief stated.

“We continue fighting to keep the nuclear agreement alive and working,” he noted.

As for the US attempts to bring back the United Nations sanctions against Iran, Borrell said, “…bringing back these sanctions would have meant the end of the JCPOA.”

Recalling US humiliating defeat at the UN Security Council in August on its plan to trigger the snapback mechanism, Borrell said, “13 members of the Security Council, including all European members, rejected this approach and underlined the importance to keep the agreement in place – this way supporting the understanding that the US is no longer part of the JCPOA because they freely decided to withdraw from it. They were also very clear that – after leaving the agreement in 2018 – the United States was not in a position to initiate the so-called ‘snap back’ process of bringing back United Nations sanctions under the UN Security Council resolution 2231.”




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