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Published: 0423 GMT October 26, 2020

Winners of International Film Festival for Children and Youth announced

Winners of International Film Festival for Children and Youth announced

The winners of the 33rd International Film Festival for Children and Youth in different sections were announced and awarded in a ceremony held at Tehran’s Book Garden.

In the International section, the Golden Butterfly and the Diploma of Honor for Best Directing was offered to Majid Majidi for ‘The Sun’.

Majidi and Amir Banan (the film’s producer) were awarded the Golden Butterfly and Diploma of Honor for Best Picture, reported.

In Zaven Ghokasian section, Majidi also won the Zaven Ghokasian Award.

In the National section, the Golden Butterfly for Best Directing also went to Majidi.

The Special Award of the International section was given to Ralf Kukula and Matthias Bruhn for ‘Fritzi’ (A Revolutionary Tale).

In ‘The Sun,’ 12-year-old Ali (Rouhollah Zamani) and his three friends help support their families through odd jobs, even stealing a tire or two. One day, they are told a hidden treasure is buried underneath a school for street children. To dig for it, they must enroll.

The festival also held an online program entitled, ‘A Night with Zaven,’ on October 23 to pay tribute to Zaven Ghokasian, veteran critic and filmmaker.

Ebrahim Forouzesh was also commemorated at the same event.

The festival’s director Alireza Tabesh described Forouzesh as an artist with sharp eyes and a kind heart who turned the simplest themes in children’s world into excellent cinematic works.

He referred to Forouzesh’s films as a vibrant world, full of adventures and stories which allow the audience to feel more secure and lively.

The event was organized in the National and International sections, while the Farabi Cinema Foundation, Cinema Organization of Iran, and the Isfahan Municipality were the main organizers of the festival.





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