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Published: 0245 GMT October 26, 2020

Controlling inflation major priority of CBI: Governor

Controlling inflation major priority of CBI: Governor

Controlling inflation is the major priority of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) in the current economic conditions, announced Abdolnaser Hemmati, the governor of CBI.

“Given the threats of escalating inflation by imposing serious damage to the middle and lower classes of society and creating uncertainty as well as preventing sustainable production, it is logical that society expects the central bank to focus on controlling inflation,” Hemmati wrote in an Instagram post, reported.

The official said despite the hardship that people are enduring because of the sanctions, Iran’s economy has not collapsed as the United States imagined, and it is showing signs of moving away from the recession; so all efforts by the central bank should be aimed at controlling inflation in any way possible to further stabilize the economy.

“Over the past two years, the central bank has been under increasing pressure, mainly due to the sanctions and the negative supply shocks, especially at a time when the accumulated liquidity force is being drained on prices, since other problems, including the coronavirus outbreak and the budget deficit, have led to the inevitable escalation of liquidity growth,” he wrote.

Implementing monetary policies to deal with negative supply shocks is difficult even under normal circumstances, let alone in the Iranian economy, which also faces a lot of structural problems, the CBI head said.

“The main task of the central bank is to stabilize prices and then to prevent a recession and maintain production; however, according to economic theory, clearly it is not possible to achieve many goals with a limited number of tools,” Hemmati added.



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