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Published: 0221 GMT October 28, 2020

Rouhani: Gov’t welcomes experts’ plans to improve people’s livelihood

Rouhani: Gov’t welcomes experts’ plans to improve people’s livelihood

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani highlighted the efforts to deal with the economic fallout from the coronavirus, saying that his administration welcomes experts’ proposals to improve the situation.

Addressing the 176th meeting of the Government's Economic Coordination Headquarters in Tehran on Tuesday, Rouhani stressed that the aim is to protect the livelihood and economy of families amid the challenges made by the coronavirus, reported Mehr News Agency.

“The government considers it its duty to provide for the livelihood of the people and to compensate for inflation.”

He expressed the government’s interest in “all the plans and proposals of other branches of power, as well as economic experts in solving the problems of the people.”

Rouhani underlined that considering the resources for the proposed plans and providing their executive conditions is a prerequisite for success in serving the people and gaining their satisfaction.

“We must be careful that presenting some plans whose sources have not been clear, cannot help solve the problems and may cause inflation problems or raise unrealistic expectations,” he noted.

During the meeting, the head of Iran’s Plan and Budget Organization, Mohammad Baqer Nobakht, presented a report on the measures taken to match the pensions of retirees and increase the income of workers and employees in order to provide livelihood and offset some of the effects of inflation on the prices of goods and services.

The proposals of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and the Central Bank of Iran regarding the necessary facilities for expanding exports and using export currency to supply the required imports of the country’s production units were also examined during the meeting.



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