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Published: 0814 GMT November 01, 2020

Martyred Soleimani a model of all goodness: Senior Lebanese cleric

Martyred Soleimani a model of all goodness: Senior Lebanese cleric

A senior Lebanese cleric hailed martyred Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, underlying that this valuable character should be portrayed in scenes, cinematic works and books.

In an interview with Iran’s 16th Resistance International Film Festival (RIFF), Sheikh Ahmad Alameli Almashghari said, “The Resistance Prominent Martyr plays a pivotal role in highlighting the role of the martyred Soleimani.”

Commenting on the importance of keeping the memories of martyrs alive, the Lebanese cleric said, “Such people enjoy the highest position in the society.”

He said, “The martyred Soleimani is considered as a best role model in the current situation, adding that he was a model for soldiers in obedience and sincerity.”

The senior Lebanese cleric reiterated that the martyred Soleimani is considered a model of all goodness.

The 16th RIFF’S “Resistance Prominent Martyr” has been designed to safeguard the role of the late Lieutenant General Soleimani in awakening the people of the region and explaining the culture of resistance.

According to, this section is mainly focused on portraying the sufferings of the oppressed people of the region, the resistance and popular victories, the issues of the resistance, and the role of General Soleimani in awakening and enlightening of the people in the region.

Filmmakers and writers can explain their works with three baselines, which are the different dimensions of Martyr Soleimani’s personality as a model of Islamic resistance and awakening, the moral values and bravery of the martyrs of resistance, as well as their moral virtues.

The deadline for submitting the works to the second part of this cinematic event was October 21, and the event will be held from November 21-27.

The second part of the festival is covering “Main Competition,” “Resistance Prominent Martyr — Special Section,” “Best Film Competition in Absolute Sense,” and “Narrations of Pen — Scriptwriting Competition.”



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