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Published: 0113 GMT November 05, 2020

US next administration will surrender to Iranian nation: President

US next administration will surrender to Iranian nation: President

President Hassan Rouhani said the US next administration would surrender to the resistance of the Iranian nation, emphasizing that Iran gives no significance to the results of the US 2020 presidential election.

"It is not important for us which candidate wins the election. What is certain is that the next government will undoubtedly surrender to the Iranian nation," said the president on Thursday referring to the US 2020 presidential election, reported.

He made the remarks while addressing a ceremony to virtually inaugurate the first phase of water transfer from the Persian Gulf to Kerman and Yazd provinces.

"The Americans have no choice but to submit to the law, the rules and the pressure of public opinion as well as the patience and resistance of our great nation," he added.

Rouhani noted: "In the past 8 months that have passed since the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak, the Iranian nation has managed to resist the coronavirus outbreak, sanctions as well as the hardships, and have been able to withstand all these pressures, and God willing, we will be victorious in the end."

The president considered the inauguration of national projects across the country as one of the important reasons and signs of the success of the Iranian nation.

He said, "These inaugurations are as a clear reason that the Iranian nation does not stop, kneel down in the face of pressure or give in. Undoubtedly, we can succeed confronting the enemies. We are also capable of obliging them to implement the law and rules someday."

President Rouhani added: "The water transfer line from the Persian Gulf is the line of hope because not only water reaches the central plateau of Iran, but also hope is transmitted and all the farmers, craftsmen, and people become hopeful to have facilities such as a stable water line, which I must congratulate."

He further noted that the enemies thought that by imposing sanctions and pressure, they could stop the Iranian nation, or stop the development projects of the great nation.

"Despite the fact that there is a terrorist government administrating the United States that has put so much pressure on the Iranian nation, we have been able to take very big steps, and it has been the 31st week since we inaugurated projects this (Iranian) year."


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