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Published: 0314 GMT November 11, 2020

World expects a different America under Biden

World expects a different America under Biden
US President-elect Joe Biden speaks to reporters during a news conference in Wilmington, Delaware, ‎US, on November 10, 2020. ‎

By Hossein Ziaee*

Donald Trump’s destructive refusal to concede defeat to his democratic rival Joe Biden in the presidential election has apparently thrusted the country into its most unprecedented political crisis.

This comes as the first global reaction to the outcome of the November 3 election has been an expression of hope for the restoration of peace and stability in international interactions.

For four consecutive years, the international community has, in fact, been a witness to Trump’s destructive presence on the world scene as a full-fledged symbol of global destabilization. A symbol that, throughout his term in office, has always given priority to achieving his ‘America first’ aspiration even at the cost of violating all global laws and destroying the pillars of the international system.

Taking a brief glance at the main theme of all congratulatory messages sent to Biden by the world leaders, it can be clearly inferred that their main emphasis has, more than ever, been on development of relations based on cooperation and friendship, mutual respect, greater understanding and complete recognition of mutual rights in international contracts, and a return to and respect for the multilateralism as the sole legitimate and sustainable global order. 

The US is currently faced with the most ridiculous political situation in its history: An America with two presidents! This comes as the global demand and aspiration is that the ominous political traces, impacts and remnants of Trump’s unilateralism be wiped out from the international scene. In addition, the international community wants to see a distinct difference between Trump’s America and the US under Biden. 

Under a new leadership, the US is required to completely rethink its policies and behavior, and shape them anew on the basis of justice and respect for other countries’ rights. This will prepare the ground for the restoration of justice and peace to international relations.

* Hossein Ziaee is an Iranian freelance columnist.



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