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Published: 0335 GMT November 22, 2020

Iran exports cars to Asian, European counties: IRICA

Iran exports cars to Asian, European counties: IRICA

Iran exported 1,300 cars, valued at over $5.72 million, during the year to March 19, announced the spokesman of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA).

During the last Iranian year, the country exported 1,300 vehicles, with a total weight of 1,573 tons, that were exported to nine countries, namely, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Azerbaijan, Syria, the UAE, Spain, China, Iraq and Turkey, Rouhollah Latifi said on Sunday, IRNA reported.

He said Iraq ($3.12 million), Azerbaijan ($1.15 million) and Syria ($981,825) were the main export destinations of Iranian-made cars during the 12-month period.

Over 90 percent of the car exports during last year belonged to Saina, Latifi added.

Iran exported goods to 128 countries in the past Iranian year despite US sanctions, said the head of IRICA on April 24.

The head of IRICA, Mehdi Mir-Ashrafi, said that Iran imported products from 112 countries in this period.

He put the country’s foreign trade in the previous year at $85.1 billion, saying Iran exchanged 169.3 million tons of products with other states in the same time period.

The IRICA head noted that the country’s exports exceeded $41.37 billion, saying imports reached $43.73 billion.

He added export destinations included 40 European, 21 Asian, 28 African, and 12 American states, while Iran imported products from 41 European, 31 Asian, 11 African, and 12 American countries.

Mir-Ashrafi said Iran’s major trade partners are from Asia, Europe and Africa, respectively, putting at $57 billion the value of annual foreign trade with Asian states in the previous year.

He said Iran exported over $30 billion to its Asian partners, while importing over $27.7 billion worth of goods.

Iran’s sale of products to Europe surpassed $9 billion, the IRICA head noted, putting imports from European countries at $15 billion.

He said, this comes as African states imported goods worth $400 million from Iran, and exported products valued at $22 million.

The official added total exports to American states reached $130.75 million, putting imports at over $860 million.

He listed Iran’s three major export destinations in Asia as China ($9b), Iraq ($8.99b) and the UAE ($4.1b), adding three major Asian exporters to the country were China ($11.2b), the UAE ($8.9b) and India ($3.46b).

Mir-Ashrafi said Iran’s major European target markets were Turkey ($5.04b), Russia ($457.63m) and Azerbaijan ($429.78m).

Biggest European exporters to Iran were Turkey ($4.99b), Germany ($2.1b) and Russia ($1.17b).

He said among the American countries, Brazil ($105.72m) was Iran’s major export destination, followed by Canada ($19m), and Venezuela ($1.18m).

Brazil was also the top exporter of products to Iran, having sold $555.57m worth of products to the country. Argentina and Canada ranked second and third in this regard.


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