When moving into a new place, you never quite know if you're going to have been left any strange surprises from the previous tenants.
Woman horrified to discover 'cameras and two-way mirror' in wall of new home
Biden to reverse Trump’s actions on day one
US state capitals gird for pro-Trump armed unrest
A senior US intelligence official said recent airstrikes on eastern parts of Syria near the Iraqi border were carried out by Israel with intelligence provided by the United States.
US official: Israel used American intel for attacks on eastern Syria
The US House of Representatives is expected to hold a vote to impeach President Donald Trump over his role in last week's storming of Congress.
Several Republicans to join Democrats in House impeachment vote
Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said his American counterpart is marking the twilight of his already “disastrous” career with a pathetic end by resorting to more baseless warmongering lies about Iran and other countries.
Zarif calls Pompeo’s ‘Iran, Qaeda link’ rant warmongering lies
Iran’s president said the American society is now faced with a huge rift ahead of a transition of power in the country while the Iranian nation celebrates the “disgraceful” end of President Donald Trump’s era.
Rouhani: End of Trump era heralds failure of economic terrorism, bullying
A pet cat that was believed to have been killed in a mudslide three years ago was found alive and has been reunited with one of the people from her old life.
Missing fcat ound three years after California mudslide
A return to lockdown means British people’s hair styling needs will once again be taken out of the hands of trained professionals and given to literally anyone in household willing to take a shot at it.
UK mum asks son to bleach her hair and ends up 'looking like a pineapple'
Scott Murkin who lives in Asheboro, North Carolina, the US, traces his quilting back to his grandmother, helping her cut out patterns.
American man continues late grandmother’s legacy of making quilts, giving them away

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