Did you envision a giant machine assembling cars, Data from "Star Trek," C-3PO from "Star Wars" or "The Terminator"? Most of us would probably think of something massive – or at least human size.
Insect-inspired robots that can jump, fly and climb are almost here
Future Moon explorers will be bombarded with two to three times more radiation than astronauts aboard the International Space Station, a health hazard that will require thick-walled shelters for protection, scientists said.
New measurements show Moon has hazardous radiation levels
A team of researchers led from Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, have unveiled a new system that allows humans and robots to speak the same language.
Teaching offshore robots to speak language
Rutgers study is the first to model impact of 5G radiation “leakage” on forecasting.
5G wireless may lead to inaccurate weather forecasts due to radiation ‘leakage’
After a four-year journey, NASA's robotic spacecraft OSIRIS-REx will descend to asteroid Bennu's boulder-strewn surface on October 20, touching down for a few seconds to collect rock and dust samples, the agency said Thursday.
US probe to touch down on asteroid Bennu on October 20

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