In a new study published by The BMJ, experts have found that individuals who meet the recommended weekly levels of physical activity have a lower risk of death.
Recommended physical activity levels tied to lower death risk
A vitamin B12 deficiency may take years to become apparent. Symptoms tend to appear when the body's stores of vitamin B12 begin to run out. What's the sign in your nails to look out for?
The sign in your fingernails you could lack vitamin B12
Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body is unable to naturally balance blood sugar levels. Instead, high blood sugar levels can cause serious damage to the body. To help combat this ill effect, try one supplement known to help diabetics.
Expert recommends supplement to balance blood sugar levels
Latin America surged past the US and Canada to become the world's second worst-hit region for virus deaths on Monday as a Spanish court blocked a move to lock down some 200,000 people.
Latin America virus deaths pass US as Spain lockdown blocked
The World Health Organization (WHO) said that it was discontinuing its trials of the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine and combination HIV drug lopinavir/ritonavir for patients in hospital with COVID-19 after they failed to reduce mortality.
WHO says trials show malaria, HIV drugs don't cut COVID-19 hospital deaths

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