Evidence suggests several chemical additives in plastic products and packaging are poisoning consumers, harming the environment and undermining recycling initiatives, according to a new study, which calls for the development of safer alternatives, aljazeera.com reported.
Toxins in plastic blamed for health, environment hazards
Twitter said a service that monitors tweets for police, alerting them to brewing social justice protests and more, does not break the platform's ban on being used for surveillance.
Twitter says monitoring service does not violate surveillance ban
Scientists developing a compact version of a nuclear fusion reactor have shown in a series of research papers that it should work, renewing hopes that the long-elusive goal of mimicking the way the Sun produces energy might be achieved and eventually contribute to the fight against climate change.
Compact nuclear fusion reactor ‘very likely to work,’ studies suggest
Amazon announced a new payment system for real-world shops which uses a simple wave of the hand.
Palm scanner launched for 'secure' payments
France will gradually ban the use of wild animals in circuses, phase out orca and dolphin shows and will ban mink farming for fur, the environment minister said.
France to ban use of wild animals in circuses
Microsoft said it is investigating an outage that brought down Microsoft’s cloud-based office services including the meetings software, Teams, worldwide.
Global Microsoft outage brings down Teams, Office 365, Outlook
A network of salty ponds may be gurgling beneath Mars’ south pole alongside a large underground lake, raising the prospect of tiny, swimming Martian life.
Salty ponds may be under Mars' icy surface, raising prospect of Martian life
It's a question that's surprisingly hard to answer: Why are most of us right-handed, some of us left-handed, and even fewer ambidextrous? Can we point to our genes, or is it an environmental phenomenon?
Study identifies 41 gene variants linked to being left-handed
"Zombie fires" and burning of fire-resistant vegetation are new features driving Arctic fires — with strong consequences for the global climate — warn international fire scientists in a commentary published in Nature Geoscience.
Arctic burning in a whole new way

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