Japan’s weather bureau said on Friday there was a 60 percent chance of no El Niño or La Niña occurring from now through the Northern Hemisphere autumn, but there was a 40 percent chance of La Niña emerging through autumn.
Japan weather bureau says 60% chance of no El Niño, La Niña through autumn
Company boards should be treating climate change the same way they have handled the COVID-19 crisis, a Canadian lawyer said.
Climate change risks need to be addressed at board level
The summer race to land a space probe on Mars is off to a hot start.
A trio of Mars missions in the starting blocks
Just as a meter stick with hundreds of tick marks can be used to measure distances with great precision, a device known as a laser frequency comb, with its hundreds of evenly spaced, sharply defined frequencies, can be used to measure the colors of light waves with great precision.
New design for ‘optical ruler’ could revolutionize clocks, telescopes, telecommunications
If the hum of passing cars and the clatter of trains drives you to slam windows shut on a hot day, a new noise canceling system could be music to your ears.
New sound wave system cancels out drum of traffic
Global average sea surface temperatures have risen at unprecedented rates for the past three decades, with far-reaching consequences for coral reefs.
Sea surface temperature has a big impact on coral outplant survival
Climate change — from rising temperatures and more severe heavy rain, to drought — is increasing risks for economies, human security, and conflict globally.
Scientists offer roadmap for studying link between climate and armed conflict
Temperatures in Arctic Siberia soared to a record average for June, more than 5°C above normal, in a heat wave that is stoking some of the worst wildfires the region has ever known, European Union data showed.
Siberia June temperatures hit record as wildfires spread
A network of giant Internet-enabled balloons from Google's sister firm Loon is to provide Internet access to remote areas of Kenya.
4G Internet balloons take off over Kenya
A new video-encoding technology that promises to cut data use by at least half has been announced, after three years of talks involving some of the tech industry's largest players.
New video format 'halves data use of 4K, 8K TVs'

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