Facebook Inc. said it removed seven million posts in the second quarter for sharing false information about the novel coronavirus, including content that promoted fake preventative measures and exaggerated cures.
Facebook removed 7m posts in second quarter for false coronavirus information
Alphabet Inc.’s Google’s Android phones on Tuesday started detecting earthquakes around the world to provide data that could eventually give billions of users precious seconds of warning of a tremor nearby, with an alerting feature first rolling out in California.
Google turns Android phones into earthquake sensors
The humble house brick has been turned into a battery that can store electricity, raising the possibility that buildings could one day become literal powerhouses.
Nanotechnology turns bricks into batteries
Last Friday, the UK experienced its hottest day in August for 17 years as temperatures hit an unbearable high of 36.4°C in the southeast of England. That came just two weeks after the Met Office logged the UK’s third hottest day on record, when temperatures soared to 37.8°C.
Why is this heatwave lasting so long? Blame climate change
Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday angrily denied the existence of fires in the Amazon rainforest, calling it a “lie,” despite data produced by his own government showing that thousands of fires are surging across the region.
Brazil's Bolsonaro calls surging Amazon fires a 'lie'
A Japanese bulk carrier that ran aground off Mauritius and has leaked at least an estimated 1,000 tons of oil, passed the latest annual inspection in March with no problems, Japan’s ClassNK inspection body said on Tuesday.
Japanese ship that caused Mauritius oil spill passed annual checks
The dwarf planet Ceres — long believed to be a barren space rock — is an ocean world with reservoirs of sea water beneath its surface, the results of a major exploration mission shows.
Dwarf planet Ceres is an ocean world: Study
US President Donald Trump’s administration unveiled plans to auction off 100 megahertz of mid-band spectrum, previously dedicated to military purposes, for commercial use starting in mid-2022, to ramp up fifth-generation network coverage in the United States.
US government announces spectrum auction to fuel 5G growth
Tobacco plants have been modified with a protein found in algae to improve their photosynthesis and increase growth, while using less water, in a new advance that could point the way to higher-yielding crops in a drought-afflicted future.
Gene manipulation using algae could grow more crops with less water

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