Alien hunters believe they have spotted evidence of a large extraterrestrial on the Red Planet in what is being described as "undeniable proof" of life on Mars.
Limbs of giant aliens spotted on Mars
In the majestic plains of the Maasai Mara, the coronavirus pandemic spells economic disaster for locals who earn a living from tourists coming to see Kenya's abundant wildlife.
Kenya wildlife reserves threatened as tourists stay away
Even by the standards of Antarctica, there are few places as remote and hostile as Thwaites Glacier. More than 1,000 miles from the nearest research base, battered by storms that can last for weeks, with temperatures that hit -40 °C in winter, working on the glacier is sometimes compared to working on the moon.
What Antarctica’s ‘doomsday glacier’ means for the planet
UK’s Labour is joining the advertising boycott of Facebook "in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement", one of the party's senior MPs said.
Labour joining Facebook ad boycott over ‘hateful material’
Today, flowering plants (or angiosperms) make up around four-fifths of all the green plants on Earth, but for billions of years they weren't around at all. Now biologists have been able to fully chart the rapid rise of angiosperms over the last 140 million years.
Scientists create 'time tree' showing how flowering plants came to dominate Earth
Nuclear physicists affiliated with the US Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) played a leading role in analyzing data for a demonstration experiment that has achieved record precision for a specialized detector material.
New experiment in search for theorized 'neutrinoless' particle process
A monkey trainer in southern Thailand said on Saturday that few monkeys are involved in harvesting coconuts for export, disputing an activist report which has caused several British supermarkets to ban coconut products from the country.
Thai monkey trainer rejects PETA claims on coconut harvesting
Every year now, gardeners should be rethinking what they grow and where because of climate change, experts say.
Climate change keeps changing gardening game
Would you rather save 90 percent with a product discount, or 91.27 percent? New research suggests that our minds are wired to prefer nice, round numbers over irregular ones, even when the irregular option means a better deal overall.
Humans actually have an irrational preference for round numbers

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