By: Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana *
Financing economic recovery
Having worked elections since 2000, I am appalled by President Trump’s lawless, feckless public charge that citizens vote both by mail and in-person this presidential election [“Trump proposes that people test election-security protocols by voting twice,” Sept. 3]. Beyond its illegality, any such action would further overwhelm burdened, undermanned election workers by requiring those who received absentee or mail-in ballots to vote provisionally in-person.
Mr. Trump blatantly pushing voting twice is the definition of illegal
By Peerzada Salman*
An elegy on Karbala
The UK, France and Germany issued a joint statement Thursday, rejecting the US plan to trigger the reimposition of sanctions on Iran. This is the most resolute time for the US’ major European allies since the 2003 Iraq War to collectively say “no” to the US, which has been further isolated on the Iran issue.
UK, Germany and France slap on the face of US, and the latter deserves it

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