The body of a man thought to be an asylum seeker, who may have been attempting to reach the Kent Coast in the UK, was discovered on a beach just outside Calais, northern France, according to French authorities.
Body thought to be asylum seeker found on beach near French port
An Indian scientific panel said the onset of winter and upcoming festivals could lead to a significant rise of up to 2.6 million coronavirus cases a month in the country if the rules in place to check the spread of the disease are relaxed.
India may see 2.6m COVID-19 cases a month if rules relaxed: Panel
The certificate of appreciation that Hanadi al-Haidari’s family received for providing shelter, food and translation services for the United States military still looks brand-new, without even a crease. She keeps it next to her Iraqi passport in her new home in Denver.
Refugees who assisted US military find door to America slammed shut
Sunil N. is desperate. The polyglot tour guide from Sri Lanka used to show visitors from Germany and elsewhere around his island. But previous crises have hurt the tourist industry, and the coronavirus pandemic now means he has no source of income. "We are skipping meals," he told Deutsche Welle by email.
Global poor hit as COVID-19 causes drop in remittances
A divided world has failed to rise to the challenge of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said and warned concerted action was needed to prevent millions of people being pushed into poverty and hunger.
Divided world failing COVID-19 test, says frustrated UN chief
Wildfires have destroyed more than one-fifth of the Pantanal, the world's largest wetland, in Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay.
Wildfires have killed an estimated 600 jaguars in Brazil's Pantanal wetland
Local media report said on Saturday that the Indian government had begun identifying about 300 million people who would be given the vaccine first when it is ready.
India begins selecting people for priority coronavirus vaccines

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