Two NASA astronauts expect a difficult return to a drastically changed world next week, after close to a year onboard the International Space Station (ISS).
Astronauts prepare to return from ISS to world transformed by coronavirus
Space can be a horror show of cosmic violence, and now astronomers have captured the first photographic evidence of the carnage that can be unleashed when two heavyweight galaxies collide.
Astronomers photograph a jet spewing out from colliding galaxies
VP: Export of homegrown test kits will begin in near future
Iran inaugurates coronavirus test kits plant
For most of the animal kingdom, babies are born in one of two ways: Their parent either lays eggs or gives birth to live offspring.
Lizard species going through rare evolutionary transition
A new X-ray detector prototype is on the brink of revolutionizing medical imaging, with dramatic reduction in radiation exposure and the associated health risks, while also boosting resolution in security scanners and research applications, thanks to collaboration between Los Alamos National Laboratory and Argonne National Laboratory researchers.
Self-powered X-ray detector to revolutionize imaging for medicine, security, research
Astronomers have discovered a binary system of a pair of red dwarfs that rotate around each other in a strangely elongated orbit. Previously, scientists did not observe such an anomaly, according to a study by researchers from the University of Leicester, published on
Astronomers discover binary system of red dwarfs with strange elongated orbit
Neanderthals used plant fibers to create string more than 40,000 years ago at a site in France where they hunted reindeer, further evidence according to scientists of the ingenuity and cognitive capabilities of our closest extinct human relatives.
Ancient string provides further evidence of Neanderthals' talents
Given its geographic isolation and bone-chilling temperatures, Antarctica has long held up a “no soliciting” sign when it comes to invasive species. But now the first successful marine invaders have breached the White Continent’s door.
Invasion of Antarctica begins with mussels
BepiColombo, the joint European-Japanese mission to Mercury, has swung past the Earth — a key milestone in its seven journey to reach the "iron planet."
BepiColombo Mercury mission bids farewell to Earth

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