We've just become a little less ignorant about Planet Earth.
One-fifth of Earth's ocean floor is now mapped
A vast tarpaulin unravels, gathering speed as it bounces down the glacier over glinting snow. Summer is here and the alpine ice is being protected from global warming.
Italian team covers glacier with giant white sheets to slow melting
France’s highest administrative court upheld a fine of €50 million ($56 million) Google was ordered to pay for not being “sufficiently clear and transparent” with Android users about their data protection options.
Google loses appeal against $56m fine in France
Hummingbirds were already impressive. They move like hurried insects, turn on aerial dimes and extract nectar from flowers with almost surgical precision. But they conceal another talent, too: Seeing colors that human eyes can’t perceive.
Hummingbirds navigate an ultraviolet world we never see
Skywatchers along a narrow band from west Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, India and southern China will witness on Sunday the most dramatic "ring of fire" solar eclipse to shadow the Earth in years.
Rare 'ring of fire' solar eclipse to dim Africa, Asia
The rapidly accelerating climate crisis threatens the future of major sports events around the world, according to a report that also said the global sporting industry is failing to tackle its own emissions.
Climate crisis threatens future of global sport, says report
Teams around the world are building ever more sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) systems of a type called neural networks, designed in some ways to mimic the wiring of the brain, for carrying out tasks such as computer vision and natural language processing.
Ion-based device that operates like an energy-efficient brain synapse
Over-consumption and affluence need to be addressed to solve the climate crisis, according to a new report that was published recently.
Overconsumption must be addressed to solve climate crisis

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