Tube-dwelling worms found at the seafloor have been found to act as a methane sink, getting nutrients from bacteria that use the gas as a source of energy. Researchers discovered the worms have an unusual symbiotic relationship with the bacteria, allowing it to cling to their skin and burrow into its tissues.
Seafloor worms that gobble up methane through their skin discovered
Conspiracy theories claiming 5G technology helps transmit coronavirus have been condemned by the scientific community.
5G does not spread coronavirus: Scientists
In 1994, archeologists digging in the Atapuerca Mountains in southern Spain discovered the fossilized remains of an archaic group of humans unlike any other ever seen. The bones were cut and fractured, and appeared to have been cannibalized. The largest skeletal fragments — which came from at least six individuals and dated to at least 800,000 years ago — shared some similarities with modern humans (Homo sapiens), plus other now-extinct human relatives like Neanderthals and Denisovans, but were just different enough to defy classification as any known species.
Oldest human DNA found in tooth of a cannibal
Physicists have conducted the most high-energy test of the speed of light yet, and found that it is still constant, everywhere in the Universe, even in gamma rays spewed out of sources such as exploding stars.
Physicists test speed of light at highest energies yet
A curious kind of bacteria found on the floor of the deep ocean might have a metabolism unlike anything we've seen before.
Scientists discover deep-sea bacteria has a unique metabolism
China's lockdown and anti-coronavirus measures slashed air pollution by a quarter in some cities and, if sustained, would save up to 36,000 lives a month, scientists say.
Drop in China pollution could save ‘36,000 lives a month'
Scientists have found a "cosmic killer" black hole that could be a long-anticipated missing link and solve one of the mysteries of the cosmos.
NASA, ESA find 'cosmic killer' black hole that could solve mystery
Scientists say trees have a role to play in combating noise pollution in urban environments and have identified the best species for the job.
Conifer is top tree in urban sound absorption test
The earliest known skull of Homo erectus has been unearthed by an Australian-led team of researchers who have dated the fossil at two million years old, showing the first of our ancestors existed up to 200,000 years earlier than previously thought.
Earliest known skull of Homo erectus unearthed by Australian-led team
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Coronavirus website launched in Iran

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