Ants are bristling with defense weaponry. Different species might sting their enemies, bite them with powerful jaws or shoot them with jets of formic acid. Some even explode.
These ants have a revolutionary escape strategy
How big is a neutron star? These extreme, ultra-dense collapsed stars are fairly small, as far as stellar objects are concerned. Even though they pack the mass of a full-sized star, their size is often compared to the width of a medium-to-large-sized city.
Physicists get most accurate estimate for true size of neutron stars
Microbiologists have long adopted the language of human settlement to describe how bacteria live and grow: They "invade" and "colonize." Relations dwelling in close proximity are "colonies."
Bacteria form biofilms like settlers form cities
A European-Russian mission, ExoMars, to put a rover on Mars and look for signs of life there was postponed, to 2022.
Coronavirus, testing delays push Europe-Russia Mars mission to 2022
There's a problem with the accelerating rate of the expansion of the universe.
Giant bubble containing our galaxy could explain why Hubble Constant is broken
5G is safe, according to the international body in charge of setting limits on exposure to radiation, which updated its advisory guidelines for the first time in more than 20 years.
5G confirmed safe by radiation watchdog
Astronomers have used an algorithm based on the growth patterns of slime mold to map something that's basically impossible to see: The cosmic web of gas and dark matter underpinning the very structure of the universe.
Slime mold used to recreate invisible web holding universe together
Under our feet, in the soil, is a wealth of microbial activity. Just like humans have different metabolisms and food choices, so do those microbes. In fact, microbes play an important role in making nutrients available to plants.
Microbes play important role in soil's nitrogen cycle
Scientists at The University of New Mexico (UNM) have found that the Earth and Moon have distinct oxygen compositions and are not identical in oxygen as previously thought according to a new study released in Nature Geoscience.
Earth, Moon not identical oxygen twins: Study

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