A mysterious condition affecting children that could be linked to COVID-19 has been reported in several European countries and North America.
What is Kawasaki disease and its possible link with COVID-19 in children?
Spraying disinfectant on the streets, as practiced in some countries, does not eliminate the new coronavirus and even poses a health risk, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned.
Spraying disinfectants can be 'harmful', says WHO
Insomnia may significantly increase the risk that older adults will be unable to shake off depression, researchers say.
Insomnia may forecast depression, thinking problems in older people
One of the world’s oldest and best-known medical journals slammed President Trump’s “inconsistent and incoherent national response” to the novel coronavirus pandemic and accused the administration of relegating the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to a ‘nominal’ role.
Lancet editorial blasts Trump’s ‘inconsistent and incoherent’ coronavirus response
Hair loss is rarely a cause for concern but it can foster insecurities so treating it becomes a priority for many people. Unfortunately, the market is saturated with sham products so people often turn to cosmetic options. This can be costly and invasive, however. After a spirited attempt to find a solution, many people simply give up.
The weight loss supplement shown to strengthen hair follicles
Regular aspirin use is associated with a lower risk for colorectal and other digestive tract cancers, according to a review published in the Annals of Oncology.
Regular aspirin use tied to lower risk for digestive tract cancers
Type 2 diabetes is an easily manageable condition but it does require one key commitment: Keeping blood sugar levels under control. Diet holds the key and no diabetes-friendly diet would be complete without one specific green vegetable.
The best leafy green vegetable to reduce blood sugar levels revealed
A global health survey that fielded responses from people in almost 50 countries suggested the vast majority of workers would continue to go into work while experiencing symptoms of sickness, with many indicating they'd still turn up even with flu-like symptoms.
In a global survey, almost all respondents said they'd go to work sick
Drinking lots of sweetened soda may increase the risk of developing chronic kidney disease, two new studies find.
Too many sugary sodas might harm your kidneys
Losing even a little weight before bariatric surgery can reduce the risk of complications from the procedure, a study published by JAMA Network Open found.
Losing weight before bariatric surgery reduces risk of death by 40%

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