Digital health care is in the spotlight at the tech industry's big event this week amid a pandemic that has highlighted the importance of remote services, with a potentially lasting impact on medical delivery.
Digital health in spotlight as pandemic shifts tech show focus
Good news for those who need a cuppa to start the day. Researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) have created new probiotic coffee and tea drinks that are packed with gut-friendly live probiotics.
New probiotic coffee, tea drinks packed with gut-friendly live probiotics
Enormous megatooth sharks, or megalodons, which patrolled the world’s oceans more than three million years ago, gave birth to babies larger than most adult humans, scientists say.
Newborn megalodons larger than humans, scientists say
Disinfectant gadgets, next-generation fitness equipment and robots that help you cook dinner.
What to expect at first ever all-digital CES 2021
Quantum entanglement is key for next-generation computing and communications technology, Aalto University researchers can now produce it using temperature differences.
Quantum entanglement of electrons using heat
Three decades ago, Tim Berners-Lee devised simple yet powerful standards for locating, linking and presenting multimedia documents online. He set them free into the world, unleashing the World Wide Web.
He created Web, now he’s out to remake the digital world
Activating positive “tipping points” in human society could bring about faster action on the climate crisis, new research argues.
Activating ‘tipping points’ in society could accelerate climate action
The spokesperson for the Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Commission said the installation of “IR2M” reactors has started in line with a counteractive law to lift sanctions approved by the lawmakers.
Iran starts installation of IR2M reactors: MP
Encroaching sands have left little evidence that the Omani village of Wadi al-Murr ever existed, but former inhabitants and curious visitors are coming to rediscover the hamlet engulfed by the desert.
Omanis revive memory of village swallowed by desert

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