By Nicholas Kristof*
Starving children don’t cry
Global humanitarian figures and NGOs have urged world leaders to urgently make COVID-19 vaccinations available to millions of refugees and others displaced by war, as the pandemic continues to overwhelm some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.
World leaders urged to make COVID vaccine available to millions of refugees
By Mauricio Cárdenas, Eduardo Levy Yeyati, Andrés Velasco*
Latin America’s pandemic of mounting troubles
A skilled baker with seven years of experience, Abudujilil Tuhtey can make 500 to 600 pieces of naan every day. It's a staple food popular in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.
In tough year, China makes decisive progress in ending absolute poverty
When mass protests erupted in Louisville, Kentucky, on May 28, one of Chanelle Helm’s biggest worries was for the young people who took to the streets.
Black Lives Matter movement shook the world in 2020
Hundreds of migrants stranded at an abandoned camp in Bosnia and Herzegovina were spending New Year’s Eve in freezing temperatures, according to humanitarian groups, as authorities in the country struggled to balance their safety with growing hostility from local populations.
Hundreds of migrants stranded in freezing weather in Bosnia
Nearly 2,200 migrants died trying to reach Spain by sea this year, the vast majority of them on their way to the Canary Islands, a migrant rights group said.
Nearly 2,200 migrants died trying to reach Spain in 2020: NGO
As a Bangladeshi naval ship anchored off a remote Bay of Bengal island, some of the Rohingya Muslim refugees aboard clapped in anticipation of starting a new life on a piece of land that did not even exist two decades ago.
'Pray floods don't kill us': A day on Rohingya's remote Bangladesh island
The Justice Department in the US announced that it would not bring federal criminal charges against two Cleveland police officers in the 2014 killing of 12-year-old Tamir Rice, saying video of the shooting was of too poor a quality for prosecutors to conclusively establish what had happened.
US Justice Department declines charges against officers in Tamir Rice case

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