Thai turtle Goody lost her left flipper years ago after she was entangled in a fishing net, leaving her immobile and stressed out in captivity.
Thailand helps sea turtle swim again with prosthetic flippers
Massey University Professor Ralph Sims is part of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and said because electricity generation in New Zealand was mostly renewable, it was one of the best countries to own an electric vehicle in.
Electric vehicles are better for the environment in NZ than in most other countries
More than 160,000 people could die over the next decade from strokes and heart attacks caused by air pollution in the UK, a charity has warned. That is the equivalent of more than 40 heart and circulatory disease deaths related to air pollution every day.
Air pollution could kill 160,000 in UK in next decade – report
More than 10,000 unaccompanied children are believed to have entered the UK over the past decade using dangerous methods such as hiding in the back of a lorry according to new analysis that raises fresh scrutiny over the Home Office’s approach toward helping young refugees.
More than 10,000 child refugees risked their lives to enter Britain
The vital role of English farmers in shaping the nation’s protected landscapes must be recognized as new policies are drawn up for the countryside, industry leaders say.
More visitors to England’s countryside — good or bad for farming?
Tijani Muhammad-Bande was addressing the International Organization for Renewable Energy High-Level meeting on the particular threat faced by Small Island Developing States, or SIDS, and their partners in development.
Inaction over climate emergency ‘not an option’
In 2019, record fires in the Amazon sparked international outrage and capped a decade that saw the rainforest lose an area the size of 8.4 million soccer fields to deforestation.
Amazon is a key buffer against climate change
Bushfire conditions eased in Australia on Saturday after a grueling night for firefighters, with authorities saying they expect at least a week of milder weather in which to step up defenses against the huge blazes still burning.
Australian bushfires ease, promise reprieve to build defenses
Families are being urged to apply for new funded nursery places as the national entitlement increases this summer.
Parents in Scotland urged to apply  for new free childcare plan

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