President Donald Trump on Thursday questioned why the US should allow more immigrants from "shithole countries" after senators discussed revamping rules affecting entrants from Africa and Haiti, according to three people briefed on the conversation. A sampling of reaction to Trump's remark:
Reaction to Trump’s comments on Africa and Haiti
Iran has recently opened a new port at Chabahar, 80km west of the Pakistani port of Gwadar that will greatly facilitate India's trade with Afghanistan and with landlocked countries of Central Asia.
How Chabahar Port will benefit all neighboring countries
Political analyst Sadeq Maleki told MNA that Jerusalem al-Quds will not be liberated merely by issuing resolutions and making harsh statements in absence of any practical measures against Trump’s decision.
Maleki: Tough resolutions, epic statements inadequate for saving al-Quds
By Richard (Rick) Pettigrew* Let’s stop demonizing Iran. Our relations with that country in recent decades have been based on misunderstandings and habitual thinking. False stereotypes rule the common perception of Iran and its people. We need to reject those stereotypes and take a fresh look at this country, its people and its possible role in bringing peace and prosperity to the Middle East.
US has much to gain by warming up to Iran
A recent speech by Nikki Haley eerily recalls Colin Powell’s 2003 UN speech in which he falsely accused Iraq of having a WMD program.
The Trump administration is putting the US on a path to war with Iran

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