Researchers at the University of Illinois (UI) have honed a technique for handling tiny, soft particles using precisely controlled fluid flows that act as gentle microscopic hands.
Gentle, microscopic hands developed to study tiny, soft materials
The Guinness Book of World Records has awarded the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) the official record for the lowest altitude achieved by an Earth observation satellite.
Japanese satellite sets low altitude record
Astronomers have discovered six exoplanets, which may lead to better understanding of planets outside the solar system, the Open University in the UK announced.
Astronomers make discoveries revealing some mysteries of exoplanets
Fossil hunters say they have unearthed the earliest evidence yet of four-limbed vertebrates looking after their young, after discovering the entwined remains of two lizard-like creatures preserved in an ancient plant stump.
300m-year-old fossil is early sign of creatures caring for their young
The biggest news events of the past decade have been chronicled from space.
A decade on Earth captured from space
When the first Apple iPhone hit the market in 2007, not everyone was convinced it would supplant the flip-phone. When Google’s Android software system arrived a year later, the Blackberry still seemed to have a bright future.
What the smartphone has wrought in a decade
The first-ever human head transplants could be achieved within the next decade, claims a former UK’s National Health Service (NHS) neurosurgeon who believes he knows how the feat of moving a person’s consciousness to another body could be made to work.
First human head transplant could be achieved by 2030: Former NHS neurosurgeon
Boeing safely landed its crew capsule in the New Mexico Desert after an aborted flight to the International Space Station (ISS) that threatened to derail the company’s effort to launch astronauts on behalf of NASA next year.
Boeing’s Starliner capsule lands safely after failed mission

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