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Africa unites to lower cost of COVID-19 tests, PPE
African countries have pulled together to set up a one-stop shop to give the continent a fairer chance in the international scramble for COVID-19 test kits, protective equipment and any vaccines that emerge.
Rare 'ring of fire' solar eclipse to dim Africa, Asia
Skywatchers along a narrow band from west Africa to the Arabian Peninsula, India and southern China will witness on Sunday the most dramatic "ring of fire" solar eclipse to shadow the Earth in years.
How will Africa manage the post-COVID economy?
It is too early to say that the global economy is entering the recovery phase after the humanitarian and economic damage inflicted by COVID-19. However, there are already three mega-trends emerging, which will also shape Africa’s economic future — the three ‘Ds’ of the new world order.
More easing in Europe but coronavirus hits hard in S. America, Africa
Major landmarks including Vatican’s Saint Peter's Basilica and the Acropolis in Athens reopened Monday as Europe accelerated its lockdown easing, but mounting coronavirus infections in Brazil, India and South Africa showed the worst is still to come in many countries.
Africa facing a quarter of a billion coronavirus cases, WHO predicts
Nearly a quarter of a billion people across 47 African countries will catch coronavirus over the next year, but the result will be fewer severe cases and deaths than in the US and Europe, new research predicts.
Up to 190,000 could die in Africa if virus containment fails: WHO
Up to 190,000 people in Africa could die of coronavirus in the first year of the pandemic if containment measures fail, the World Health Organization warned.
TikTok, Gates pledge $20m to help Africa tackle COVID-19
The social media platform TikTok and the philanthropic Gates Foundation donated $10 million (8.06 million pounds) each on Wednesday to the vaccine alliance GAVI to help fund efforts to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic in Africa.
Africa dangerously behind in global race for virus gear
As Africa braces for a surge in coronavirus cases, its countries are dangerously behind in the global race for scarce medical equipment. Ten nations have no ventilators at all.
Africa reclaims her past as more artifacts return home
African conservation fraternity and governments are increasingly demanding for the return of cultural artifacts that were stolen during the colonial period by governments and individuals.
'Race against time' to prevent famines during coronavirus crisis
Vulnerable parts of the developing world, particularly in Africa, are at risk of sliding into famine as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, while humanitarian relief efforts are being hindered by lockdowns and travel restrictions, according to the UN.
Africa tourism industry could be in for protracted slump
There will be a slump in tourism across Africa — including the North African countries — before people are confident enough to go abroad again. So said former World Bank vice president and Poverty Reduction and Economic Management director Otaviano Canuto, who sat in a webinar panel hosted by Instituto Brasil África (IBRAF). “Economic Cooperation amid COVID-19: Impacts and reactions to the pandemic in Africa” also featured Ibraf chair João Bosco Monte and former Guinea-Bissau foreign minister Maria Nobre Cabral.

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