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US health agency halts coronavirus ad campaign, leaving Santa Claus in the cold
A federal health agency halted a public-service coronavirus advertising campaign funded by $250 million in taxpayer money after it offered a special vaccine deal to an unusual set of essential workers: Santa Claus performers.
Science may have finally explained why we get goosebumps
We all know what goosebumps are, but why have we evolved to hang on to this seemingly pointless physical reaction to the cold? New research suggests an answer: Regulating stem cells that control hair follicles and hair growth.
Is it OK to call in sick with a common cold?
"For goodness sake, just go home," my boss implored. "People are complaining and don't want to catch your disgusting germs!"
Does anemia make you cold?
By Dr. Manny Alvarez*
Cold, flu viruses rarely infect a person at the same time, study shows
If you already have a cold, you're less likely to get the flu, and vice versa, a large new study shows.
US bolts Cold War missile treaty as Russia warns of arms race
The United States said Friday that it would exit a landmark Cold War nuclear missile treaty due to purported violations by Russia, which has warned of a new arms race in retaliation.
US Midwest gripped by bitter cold but relief ahead
Brutally cold temperatures gripped the US Midwest on Thursday, freezing water mains, causing power outages, canceling flights and straining natural gas supplies.
Cold kills dozens of children at refugee camp in Syria: UN
The UN says nearly 30 internally displaced Syrian children have lost their lives because of freezing temperatures and lack of basic needs at a refugee camp in northeastern Syria over the past two months.
Polar vortex brings deadly cold snap to US states
Deadly cold weather has brought what meteorologists call a "once-in-a-generation" deep freeze to large areas of the US.
Driver caught speeding because he didn’t want his McDonald’s to get cold
A driver is counting the cost of a very expensive McDonald’s after his car was seized when he was caught speeding.
Cold production of new seafloor
A mountain range with a total length of 65,000 kilometers runs through all the oceans. It marks the boundaries of tectonic plates.
Extreme cold snap kills dozens in Europe
The death toll from severe weather has risen across Europe, with at least 23 casualties in Poland alone amid sub-zero temperatures, officials said.
Foods to fight a cold( video)
Winter is fast approaching — which means people are more likely to catch the common cold.
Fastest way to cure common cold
You wink, it's raining; you wink again and it's sunny outside. Such a weather wreaks havoc on our health, with most around us sneezing and coughing.
Cold water as effective as hot to remove germs
Researchers at Rutgers University found that cool water is just as effective at removing bacteria in handwashing as hot water.

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