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What Donald Trump really thinks of European leaders
By Jacopo Barigazi, Florian Eder and Laurenz Gehrke
Zuckerberg-funded scientists call on Facebook to rein in Trump
More than 140 scientists funded by Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook should not be letting US President Donald Trump use the social media platform to “spread both misinformation and incendiary statements.”
Brazil threatens to quit WHO, Trump says US beating pandemic
President Jair Bolsonaro threatened to pull Brazil from the World Health Organization over “ideological bias,” as his counterpart Donald Trump said the US economy was recovering from the coronavirus pandemic and Europe sought to reopen its borders.
Biden has slim lead over Trump in Florida in new Fox News poll
Former vice president Joe Biden has a narrow lead over President Donald Trump in Florida, according to a Fox News poll.
'Xenophobe in chief': Democrats blast Trump's plan to suspend immigration to US
Congressional Democrats slammed President Donald Trump after he announced that he plans to suspend immigration to the United States, arguing that such a move does nothing to protect Americans from the coronavirus and deflects attention away from his handling of the outbreak.
Trump's job rating slides; US satisfaction tumbles
As President Donald Trump works to contain the damage from the novel coronavirus outbreak in the US, the rally in support he enjoyed as the nation entered a virtual lockdown has faded. His job approval rating, now 43%, has slipped six percentage points since mid-March when he earned 49% approval, which tied his personal best.
The day Europe told the US to cut out threats over Iran
UK, Germany, France told US its tactics were unacceptable
By Patrick Donahue and Ania Nussbaum
Dems say oust Trump or he’ll betray again
Closing out their case, House Democrats warned in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial that the president will persist in abusing his power and endangering American democracy unless Congress intervenes to remove him before the 2020 election.
Bloomberg ‘ready to spend all money’ to get rid of Trump
US presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg told Reuters he is ready to spend much of his vast fortune to oust Republican President Donald Trump from the White House in 2020, rejecting criticism from rivals for the Democratic nomination that the billionaire is trying to buy US election.
A letter by Iranian American academics to President Trump
Dear President Trump: The President yesterday ordered the slaying of Iranian commander Major General Qassem Soleimani, the hero of over 80 percent Iranians. The president's action signifies a colossal intensification of the disputes between Iran and the US. It threatens to immerse the Middle East into a devastating war damaging Americans, Iranians, and the Middle East citizens to an extent the world has not witnessed since perhaps WW II.

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