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Lightning strikes kill more than 100 in India
At least 107 people died from lightning strikes in northern and eastern India, officials said, during the early stages of the annual monsoon season.
Lightning strikes kill 18 people in Pakistan
Lightning strikes have killed at least 18 people and injured several more during a deadly night in Pakistan's Thar desert, police said, describing the deaths as "unprecedented."
Why lightning strikes in Arctic gone bizarro
This weekend, something peculiar visited the Arctic, a mere 300 miles from the North Pole: Lightning.
Scientists detect strange connection between gamma rays and lightning
For the first time, scientists have clearly linked together two types of gamma-ray phenomena in thunderclouds, suggesting that weak bursts of gamma-ray activity might precede lightning flashes in certain conditions.
Pilot says lightning caused deadly Russian crash landing
The pilot of a Russian passenger plane that erupted in a ball of fire on the runway of Moscow's busiest airport, killing 41 people, said lightning led to the emergency landing.
Juno probe helps scientists solve Jupiter's lightning mystery
New observations from Juno prove Jupiter's lightning isn't as different from Earth's as scientists once thought, solving a 39-year mystery.
Hunting mystery giant lightning from space
Thunderstorms are some of the most spectacular events in nature, yet what we can see from the surface of our planet is only the beginning.
Russian spacecraft makes lightning fast journey to ISS (Video)
A Russian spacecraft has docked at the International Space Station (ISS) after a lightning fast journey.
Lightning more powerful over ocean than land
People who live and work along coasts and coastlines everywhere may be more likely to experience a super-charged lightning strike, according to new research from Florida Institute of Technology that shows lightning can be much more powerful over the ocean than land.
Extreme lightning events set records
Two electrifying light shows were much more than flashes in the pan.
Lightning strikes kill at least 67 people in monsoon-hit India
At least 67 people have lost their lives in India due to lightning strikes as the annual monsoon rains drench the country, officials say.
Lightning kills 34 in India amid monsoon storms
Lightning has taken at least 34 lives across southeastern India amid persisting strong monsoon storms.

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