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A seesaw for kids on the US-Mexico border wins Beazley Design of the Year
‘Teeter-Totter Wall,’ a temporary interactive installation designed by California-based architects Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello, won the 2020 Beazley Design of the Year, an annual award and exhibition run by London’s Design Museum.
Mexico presses US to reform immigration policies
Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador urged the US to make major reforms to its immigration policy as thousands of migrants were blocked by police in neighboring Guatemala.
Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica begin mass vaccination
A Mexican nurse became the first person in Latin America to receive a coronavirus jab when her country began its vaccination program on Thursday.
Mexico, latest destination to add a tourist tax
From destinations such as Bali and New Zealand, to cities such as Amsterdam, Venice and Edinburgh, the tourist tax is becoming nearly as commonplace for travelers as those pesky resort fees.
New findings shed light on ancient Maya royal house in Mexico
New research identifies inscriptions found at Chichen Itza, Mexico, as referring to individuals belonging to the royal house of Cocom, a common surname to this day in Yucatán.
Pemex oil traders asked to return almost $1 million of bonuses
Petroleos Mexicanos’s (Pemex) oil-trading arm is asking its roughly 270 employees to return almost $1 million of bonuses they received earlier this year.
In Mexico, 103-year-old woman said to survive COVID-19
A 103-year-old Mexican woman suffering from a chronic pulmonary disease has survived a bout of COVID-19, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) announced.
Mammoth graveyard unearthed at Mexico's new airport
Archeologists in hard hats and face masks carefully remove earth from around enormous bones at the site of Mexico City's new airport, where construction work has uncovered a huge trove of mammoth skeletons.
Children study in back of truck in virus-hit Mexico
An improvised school in Mexico's capital is helping underprivileged children keep studying during the pandemic with classes in the street, a blacksmith's shop and even the back of an old truck.
Mexico has most health worker deaths from pandemic: Amnesty
More health workers have died from the coronavirus in Mexico than any other country on the planet, Amnesty International said on Thursday, highlighting the high toll the pandemic was taking on frontline medical staff around the globe.
Robot eases loneliness of Mexican virus patients
A robot at a hospital in the Mexican capital is providing a lifeline for coronavirus patients separated from their relatives and reducing the risk of infection for medical workers.
Mexican president says jobs gained back in August
Mexico added back 52,455 jobs in August, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said, hailing the news as a sign of recovery after the country lost more than one million jobs in the formal economy due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Journalists in southern Mexico 'live in terror' of gangs’ violence
Mexican journalist Julio Cesar Zubillaga shudders when his young daughter asks him why "they" want to kill him.
Mexico third in global pandemic deaths; Vietnam struggles anew
Mexico now has the third most COVID-19 deaths in the world, behind the United States and Brazil, while former success story Vietnam is struggling to control an outbreak spreading in its most famous beach resort.
Massive 3,000-year-old ceremonial complex discovered in ‘plain sight’ in Mexico
An enormous 3,000-year-old earthen platform topped with a series of structures, including a 13-foot-high pyramid, was identified as the oldest and largest monumental construction discovered in the Maya region, according to a paper published in the journal Nature. It’s the latest discovery to support the emerging view that some of the earliest structures built in the Maya region were significantly larger than those built more than a millennium later during the Classic Maya period (250-900 CE), when the empire was at its peak.

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