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Skyline rights group demands release of dozens of Saudi dissidents
A human rights organization called on the international community to seriously pressure Saudi authorities to release dozens of activists, bloggers and others who have been perceived as political opponents and arrested for their public opinions.
Iranian rights group urges UN to impose arms embargo on Riyadh to stop war on Yemen
An Iranian rights group has called on the United Nations to impose an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia to stop its war crimes against Yemeni civilians committed through deadly military campaign against the impoverished country.
Iran's envoy to UN slams US speech on human rights as 'ironic'
Iran's representative to the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly has said the speech of the United States and its ‘blind followers’ on human rights situation in Iran is an "ironic tragedy".
Iran slams West’s human rights gesture despite banning medicine imports for kids
Iran’s senior judiciary official has criticized Western states for pretending to be advocates of human rights while blocking Tehran’s imports of medicine meant for child patients.
Envoy: States lecturing on human rights ignore impact of US sanctions on Iranians
Tehran’s ambassador to the UN office in Geneva censured Germany and several other countries for baselessly criticizing the human rights situation in Iran while trying to appease the US by turning a blind eye to its criminal sanctions, which “grossly” violate the Iranian people’s most basic rights.
Europe’s anti-Iran human rights statement typical of colonial mindset: Envoy
Iran’s permanent ambassador to the United Nations office in Geneva has censured European states’ baseless accusations about human rights situation in the Islamic Republic, saying slandering others is in line with certain Western countries' colonial mentality and their delusions of grandeur.
Sanctions are price Iran is paying for prioritizing human rights: Judiciary official
An official from Iran’s Judiciary said sanctions imposed by the US and enacted by its Western allies on Iran are the price that the country is paying for prioritizing human rights, adding the coercive measures flagrantly violate basic rights of ordinary Iranians.
UN condemns Myanmar’s rights abuses against Rohingya
The UN General Assembly approved a resolution Friday strongly denouncing human rights abuses against Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims and other minorities, including arbitrary arrests, torture, rape and deaths in detention.
'Serious' rights violations during Chile protests: HRW
Chile's national police committed "serious human rights violations" as weeks of violent demonstrations across the South American country claimed 25 lives, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said Tuesday in a report calling for reform of the force.
Rights group: Central African court probing war abuses needs more help
A special court investigating human rights abuses in Central African Republic (CAR) must intensify its work to deliver justice on war crimes and violations, Human Rights Watch said.
Spending cuts breach UK's human rights obligations, says report
Cuts to public services and benefits in the UK that disproportionately affect the least well-off, single parents and disabled people put the government in breach of its human rights obligations, a study for the UK equalities watchdog found.
Tanzania loses Denmark aid over rights concerns after World Bank scraps loan
Tanzania’s second-biggest donor Denmark said it would withhold $10 million worth of aid money, citing concerns over human rights abuses and “unacceptable homophobic comments” made by a government official.
France's ban on full-body Islamic veil violates human rights: UN arights panel
The UN Human Rights Committee said on Tuesday that France’s ban on the niqab, the full-body Islamic veil, was a violation of human rights and ordered it to review the legislation.
UN rights office urges Saudi Arabia to free activists
The United Nations human rights office has called on Saudi Arabia to release all peaceful activists as Riyadh continues its heavy-handed crackdown on dissent.

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