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Bangladeshi teen wins children's peace prize for anti-cyberbullying app
A Bangladeshi teenager on Friday received a prestigious global children's award for his work in combating cyberbullying in his country.
Man makes money buying his own pizza on DoorDash app
The owner of a pizza restaurant in the US has discovered the DoorDash delivery app has been selling his food cheaper than he does — while still paying him full price for orders.
Aussie study: App records babies' movement to predict brain impairments
A study which will involve parents filming their newborn infants with a smartphone app, could lead to earlier detection of brain impairments such as cerebral palsy, the West Australian (WA) state government said on Friday.
New app may improve ability to focus
For people who have trouble concentrating, help may be on the way through a new game app that helps improve the ability to focus just by playing.
New app gives throat cancer patients their voice back
Vlastimil Gular's life took an unwelcome turn a year ago: Minor surgery on his vocal cords revealed throat cancer, which led to the loss of his larynx and with it, his voice.
Facebook,Twitter take action against Predictim babysitter app
An app that claims to vet babysitters is being investigated by Facebook, and has been blocked altogether by Twitter.
Japanese messaging app operator LINE to launch cryptocurrency
Japan’s LINE Corporation said on Friday it will launch a cryptocurrency in September, as the company tries to build up a wide range of businesses using its popular messaging app as a platform.
Researchers develop healthier life app
Researchers at the Northwestern University have developed a novel app, FoodSwitch, which can act as a nutritionist at the shopper's side in the grocery store.
Study: Phone app that screens for autism in children is beneficial
An iPhone app that screens for signs of autism in young children was found to be scientifically reliable, easy to use and supported by caregivers, according to a study.
App to check blood pressure could be available soon
Someday soon, a simple touch of a finger to a smartphone case might be enough to provide instant, accurate blood pressure readings.
Messenger Kids app received Facebook funding: Report
Facebook had said that it worked closely with experts to create its safe video messaging app, ‘Messenger Kids’.
Child experts:  Just say 'no' to Facebook's kids app
Child development experts and advocates are urging Facebook to pull the plug on its new messaging app aimed at kids.
New app can help doctors predict preterm birth risk
A new app called QUiPP could help doctors to better identify women at risk of giving birth prematurely. The app, developed at King's College London, was tested in two studies of high-risk women being monitored at ante-natal clinics.
South Korea pulls plug on child monitoring app
The most widely used child surveillance app in South Korea is being quietly pulled from the market after security specialists raised serious concerns about the program's safety.
Ministry to create two health apps per month
Two training applications on issues related to health will be created for mobile phones per month, said the head of the Health Ministry's Department For Training and Health Improvement.

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