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Trump has head 'in the sand' as fires rage: LA mayor
Top US officials in West Coast states where record-breaking fires have killed 35 people accused President Donald Trump on Sunday of being in denial about climate change.
Massive mystery holes appear in Siberian tundra – and could be linked to climate change, scientists say
A massive 164-feet deep crater that has suddenly opened up on Siberia's Arctic tundra could result from a climate change-induced explosion, scientists studying these formations have said.
Greta Thunberg: Don't dump climate crisis on children to fix
World political leaders must step up on the environment, activist tells Venice film festival showing of documentary about her.
Species 'pushed out of the tropics' by climate change
The world's tropical regions are home to the widest range of plants and animals, but research from the University of Queensland (UQ), Australia, reveals that climate change is pushing species away, and fast.
More than half of world's oceans already being affected by climate change
More than 50 percent of the world's oceans could already be affected by climate change, with this figure rising as high as 80 percent over the coming decades, a new study has shown.
Science has new tool in fight against climate change: Good data
Founded in 2008 and given European Research Infrastructure Consortium status by the EU Commission in 2015, the Integrated Carbon Observation Systems (ICOS) is a network of 130 carbon-measuring stations (along with expertise centers and laboratories) set up to measure greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, as well as how carbon fluxes between the atmosphere, Earth and oceans.
New Zealand's melting glaciers show human fingerprints of climate change
Twice a year, glaciologist Lauren Vargo and her colleagues set up camp beside two small lakes close to New Zealand’s Brewster glacier. Each time the trek to carry the measuring stakes takes a little bit longer as the glacier’s terminus gets further away.
Climate Futures research experts to discuss solutions to climate change
The University of Liverpool has launched a new Climate Futures research challenge to bring together experts from a range of disciplines to discuss the solutions to climate change.
Climate change 'driving UK's extreme weather'
Climate change driven by industrial society is having an increasing impact on the UK’s weather, the Met Office said.
Are penguins becoming a major cause of climate change?
Penguins have been in the news for all the right reasons recently. Some time back, the birds from Kansas City Zoo in Missouri made headlines when they visited the nearby Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, wandering around, admiring the artworks during the lockdown.
Australian researchers say death by climate change “substantially underreported”
Two researchers from the Australian National University (ANU) say that heat-related deaths have been “substantially underreported” and are calling for climate change to be added to death certificates.
Even if climate change wasn't happening, phasing out coal is a 'no-regret' solution
The benefits of phasing out coal far outweigh the real-world costs, scientists say, and that's the case even when climate change is left out of the equation entirely.
Parallel threats of COVID-19, climate change require ‘brave, visionary and collaborative leadership’: UN chief
To combat the COVID-19 pandemic and the “looming existential threat of climate disruption”, the only credible response is “brave, visionary and collaborative leadership” anchored in multilateralism, the UN Secretary General António Guterres, said during an international discussion focused on climate change.

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